Wednesday, June 20, 2012

CVS Gas Card Promotions 101 - Questions/Discussions (6/24 - 6/30)

1) The ad lists Exxon and Shell. Last year different areas got different companies. You really don't know what they have until they pull them out and show you what they got.

2) A voucher will print on your receipt just like an ECB that you can immediately turn around and redeem for the $10 gas card.

3) Gas card vouchers CAN NOT be force printed by a cashier or a manager.

4) No Rain Checks.

5) Limit is 5 Gas Card deals per week per ExtraCare card.

6) The 98% rule applies to gas cards as well so totals as low as $29.40 will trigger the voucher.

7) For every $10 gas card you earn $10 will be deducted from your quarterly spending tally.


1) Managers and cashiers cannot force print the gas card voucher. If something glitchy happens and for some reason your voucher doesn't print SOME managers may force print $10 ECB for you. Others may make you call customer service.

2) SOME areas only had gas cards for companies that weren't even in their area so SOME managers were offering ECB or CVS Gift Cards in lieu of gas cards.

3) If a store runs out of an item that is a part of the gas card promotion SOME stores will offer a substitute and force print ECB. This is mostly for items where a substitute it reasonable like switching out paper towel counts or brands of water.

4) SOME managers will give rain checks for gas cards. This isn't the exception - not the rule - and goes against the written print in the ad stating rain checks will not be issued.

Thanks MissDanalu for this info

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