Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ad Matching Meal Ideas (3/21-3/28)

This week we have 7 meal ideas for UNDER $65

Here's the break downs:

$10 (Or LESS) Meals

Toasted BLT's 
*I like my BLT's with cheese and slightly toasted with mayonnaise. If you prefer the classic, this meal is even cheaper ;) 

  • 98¢ Vienna Bread Loaf (HyVee)
  • $2.98 Kraft Provolone Cheese Slices (HyVee)*
  • $1.00 Baby Carrots (HyVee)
  • $2.99 Smoked Bacon (Fareway)
  • $2.00 Doritos/Lays Chips (HyVee)
Total Cost: $10

Game Day Nachos 
My family prefers chicken over ground beef, so we tend to use it more. Feel free to substitute beef for chicken in any recipe, these are just suggestions.   
  • 99¢ Tortilla Chips (Aldi's)
  • $3.99 HyVee Chunk Colby Jack Cheese
  • 77¢ Roma Tomatoes 
  • $3.77 3lb Chicken Breasts (No Frills)
  • 58¢ Lettuce (No Frills)
Total Cost: UNDER $10 

Spaghetti 3 Ways
This is the same concept of a classic, spaghetti. Sometimes we like it light- with no meat. Other times meatballs make it delicious (especially if there are brat buns for meatball sub leftovers :)). Most times we love our spaghetti with chicken breasts covered in Shake-N-Bake.MMmm mmm. Any way you like it is favorable this week... they all come in under $10each!  

Vegetarian Friendly

  • $1.00 Creamette Noodles (HyVee)
  • $1.25 Ragu Pasta (No Frills)
  • $1.38 Fresh Asparagus (HyVee)
  • 98¢ Vienna Bread 
Total: $5

Hopeful Meatball Leftovers
  • $1.00 Creamette Noodles (HyVee)
  • $1.25 Ragu Pasta (No Frills)
  • $2.77 Armour Meatballs (Bag & Save)
  • $1.38 Fresh Asparagus (HyVee)
  • 98¢ Vienna Bread 
Total Cost: $8 

Almost Chicken Parm
  • $1.00 Creamette Noodles (HyVee)
  • $1.25 Ragu Pasta (No Frills)
  • $3.77 3lb Chicken Breasts (No Frills)
  • $1.38 Fresh Asparagus (HyVee)
  • 98¢ Vienna Bread 
Total Cost: $9

  • $2.99 Johnsonville Brats (Bag & Save) 
  • 88¢ Fresh Green Beans (Bag & Save)
  • $1.99 Rotella Brat Buns (Fareway) 
  • $1.88 Robert's Cottage Cheese (HyVee)
  • 77¢ Roma Tomatoes (HyVee)
Total Cost: $9 
BUT if you the $1 off Johnsonville coupon and the 40¢ Robert's Cottage Cheese coupon, THAT'S ALMOST $7 FOR A WHOLE MEAL! 


Springtime Kabobs 
I love Jasmine rice and always have a bag on hand. If you don't (and don't want to spend the $6+ on a bag) have any rice on hand feel free to grab a $1.00 Knorr Rice side from Fareway to go as a side instead.
  • $3.77 3lb Chicken Breasts (No Frills)
  • 99¢ Red/Yellow Peppers (No Frills)
  • 99¢ Pineapple (Aldi's)
  • $1.50 Fresh Mushrooms (Bag & Save)
  • $2.49 Mott's Applesauce (Bag & Save)
Total Cost: $11

BBQ Sandwiches
  • $2.49 Boneless Country Style Ribs (No Frills)
  • $1.25 Hamburger Buns (Baker's)
  • $2.00 Corn (5/$2) (Baker's)
  • 58¢ Iceberg Lettuce 
  • $1.77 Grape Tomatoes (No Frills)
Total Cost: $12 (buy 2lbs of ribs, you'll want the leftovers)

Last Minute Meals 
These are what I usually make once a week on wednesdays when the kids have Awanas. My daughter is out of school at 4pm so to make it to church by 6pm makes for a tight schedule. Rather than spending money in a drive-thru, I'll look for these deals. 
  • $1.99 40count Aldi's Brand Pizza Snacks (Aldi's)
    (If you're big on taste and prefer Totinos they are also on sale this week at Fareway for $1.00 15count- and there's a coupon out for these too:) 
  • 98¢ Bag of Salad (Baker's) 
Total Cost: $3 ($5 if you grab two bags of pizza snacks) 

Next up? Breakfast and snack ideas from this weeks ads :)