Tuesday, February 14, 2012

$1.25 Purex Detergent at Walgreens!

Head on over to Free Sample Purex and watch the short video, then click the “sign up” link.

Then fill out the form. After you fill it out, you will have the option for a free sample sent to you OR to print a $.75/1 coupon. If you print the coupon, do this deal at Walgreens now – 02/18:

Purex Detergent 33 load $1.99
Use the $.75/1 Coupon (read above on how to print it!)
Final Price= $1.25 http://freesamplepurex.com/

Coupon Cupid Spreads the Love

Coupon Cupid Spreads the Love

Thanks for coming back for another dose of Coupon Magic!

It’s Valentine’s Day and spreading some Coupon Love is a great thing to do to show others that you care about their savings! We have heard her called the “Coupon Fairy”~ but today, he’s the “Coupon Cupid” (Try saying that three times in a row!) .
  • I love to spread coupons around! Give someone a coupon while they are in the checkout line. If they are getting frustrated with how long it’s taking you or if you know you have something they could use, offer them the coupon. You’ll be surprised how their frustration will turn into a smile after you say “Here !~ Take this coupon and save some money, too, like I just did!
  • Leave a coupon by the coordinating products at the store if you have extras that will be expiring soon. This is a great way to spread the coupon love. I recently found some coupons in the freezer case at the store, and in the makeup aisle. I was so happy to find them, too as I was needing that product and did not have a coupon for it!
  • If you see someone looking at a product in the store, and you have a coupon for it that you may not use, show them how they can use it to save some money. They will appreciate the savings and the conversation of saving money.
  • If you have essential coupons that can really benefit someone else, such as baby formula or pet coupons, find someone who can use them. These coupons can save someone quite a bit of money when caring for a baby or pet.
  • Teach your children how to spread the love with coupons. Many times we have been at places like Chuck E. Cheese, and the kids end up with extra tickets from games. They love seeing the look on other children’s faces when they give them their extra tickets they will not be using.
  • If you have gotten products for a very inexpensive price or for free that you may not be using, find a charity or group that can utilize them. Helping others is a huge benefit for couponers and is very much appreciated by the group or organization.
  • If you are finding that you have many expired coupons, please do not throw them away. Help the oversea’s military families. Military families can use coupons up to 6 months past the expiration date.

In what other ways have you seen the ”Coupon Cupid”?

THANKS to Coupon Wizards

Sunday Coupon Insert Preview 2/19

Sunday Coupon Insert Preview 2/19

Here is your preview for this weekend:
Advil $1/1 Children’s product (4/15/12)
Advil $2/1 Congestion Relief, Cold & Sinus or Allergy Sinus product (5/6/12)
ahh bra $2/1 (5/30/12)
Centrum $5/1 Pro Nutrients supplement (3/17/12)
Cheer $2/1 detergent ets (3/31/12)
Covergirl $1/1 lip or eye product ets (3/31/12)
DermaSilk $5/1 full size product (2/28/12)
Dial $1/1 lotion 12oz+ (3/11/12)
Gain $.50/1 detergent, fabric softener, sheets, dryer bar or scent booster ets (3/31/12)
Gain $1.50/2 detergent, fabric softener, sheets, dryer bar or scent booster ets (3/31/12)
Gillette Buy Mach3 cartridge, get $2/1 Mach3 razor excludes disposables and trial (3/31/12)
i-cool $2/1 For Menopause or +D For Menopause + Bone Building (4/30/12)
i-flex $5/1 120ct (4/15/12)
Keebler $.55/1 Fudge Stripes Dark Chocolate Cookies 11.5oz (4/15/12)
Keebler $.55/2 cookies 6.6oz+ (4/15/12)
Land O’Frost $.55/1 Premium One Pound (5/14/12)
L’Oreal $.75/1 kids shampoo or other kids product (4/1/12)
L’Oreal $.75/1 Studio Line styling product (4/1/12)
L’Oreal $.75/1 Vive Pro shampoo or conditioner (4/1/12)
L’Oreal $1/1 Paris skincare product ets (4/1/12)
L’Oreal $2/1 haircolor procut (4/1/12)
L’Oreal $2/1 Paris face product excludes Magic Perfecting base .17floz mini size (4/1/12)
L’Oreal $5/1 Paris Youth Code kit (4/1/12)
L’Oreal $5/2 haircolor products (4/1/12)
Meow Mix $1/1 dry cat food 3lbs+ (4/14/12)
Milk-Bone $1.50/2 dog snacks (4/19/12)
Nestle/Wonka $.75/2 candies 3.1-6oz (3/31/12)
Pop Secret $.5/2 products (3/31/12)
Purina $.50/1 Friskies cat treats (4/19/12)
Purina $2.50/1 Beneful 3.15lb or 7lb bag dog food (3/25/12)
Purina B4G2 free Beneful Prepared Meals tubs dog food up to $4.60 (3/25/12)
Sunlight $.50/1 Power Pacs dishwashing product (4/1/12)
SuperPretzel $1/1 soft pretzel product (3/9/12)
Swiffer $1/1 Extendable Handle Duster ets (3/31/12)
Swiffer $1/1 WetJet refill ets (3/31/12)
Tylenol Precise $5/1